Power Tillers

Vegetable garden, tea plantation, orchard, nursery, sugar cane plantation, maize farm, hilly areas and others. For tilling, weeding, trench and vegetable bed formation, application of top soil, towing and fertilizers application.
[600S-850S Multi-Purpose "Little Buffalo" Power Tillers]
[303N-600N "Little Buffalo" Power Tillers]

600S-850S Multi-Purpose "Little Buffalo" Power Tillers

  1. Small size, light weight, powerful, high efficiency, capable of operating freely on flat land, hilly and narrow areas.
  2. Low center of gravity, operate in comfort contributed by superior design to reduce vibration.
  3. Electronic ignition engine, low fuel consumption, with exhaust pipe adjustable at any angle to minimize damage to surrounding plants.
  4. Adjustable speed, thus preventing the machine from being overloaded and causing serious damage.
  5. 340 rotation with 22 fixed and 4 height handle adjustable positions which are securely fastened.
  6. Wheel base and rotovator are easily adjustable to accommodate every operator.
  7. Body and rotovator parts are easy to remove and can be replaced with other accessories.
  8. Two forward, two reverse, and four rotovator speeds provides consistent performance during operation.
  9. Steel tail skid is used for hard and rocky soil operation.
  10. With the rotovator removed, the tiller can be converted to direct drive power tiller capable of tilling 1 m wide and 25 cm deep.
  11. Reasonable price, wide application, simple maintenance, easy operation, sufficient spare parts, and excellent service.

Model 600S 850S
Weight (kg) 69 73
LxWxH (cm) 140x45x85 140x45x85
Engine Power (hp) 5.0 ~ 6.0 8.5
Speed ( Fwd ) (km/hr) High 4.58 4.58
Low 2.31 2.31
Speed ( Reverse ) (km/hr) High 3.27 3.27
Low 1.65 1.65
Rotovator Speed (rpm) High 648 648
Low 197 197
Handle Rotation 340 with 22 fixed points
Handle Height Adjustment 4 Postions
Speed Transmission gear type
Tilling Depth (cm) 3-24
Tilling Width (cm) 22-40
Tyre (cm) 3.5-5 adjustable
Wheel Base (cm) Min. 21
  Max. 40
** Specifications subject to change without prior notice **

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