Uses: Automatic cutting machine for ends of green beans
The machine adopts rolling container to let the materials fall into the snake-liked pores. The ends are being cut by the triangular steel knives outside the container at its rolling movements, the motion is repeated and material is being push outside the machine through the exit.
  1. The spiral-type rolling container consists of a reinforced steel plate and stainless steel partition boards.
  2. Triangular steel knife, elastic steel bar and fixture stand.
  3. Entry and exit pipes and waste collection can underneath the machine.
  4. The friction rollers are wrapped with durable rubber.
  5. Stainless steel frames, gears-type speed reduction motor.

Uses: Fresh mushrooms slicing process before freezing.
A set of spraying pipes is on the side of the container to float the materials to the cutting knives set which 2 sets of curved knives are overlapped and intersected with each other for best performance.
  1. Stainless steel frames, knives set and conveyor set with 0.5HP speed reduction motor.
  2. Stainless steel knives set and 1HP speed variation motor.
  3. Water collection container underneath the machine ( mix with fresh water ) and high efficient pump and pipes.
  4. A net shaker above the water collection container for filtering of waste and residue.

Uses: Automatic Peeling machine for root vegetables.
A circular entry at the top of the machine with a grindstone made rotating wheel inside, a door is located at the side for materials exit after processing. A spraying pipe is located inside the opening and water is drained through the drainage hole. Motor and frame stand are underneath the machine with protection boards around.
  1. High efficient rotating grindstone.
  2. Automatic spraying of water to enhance peeling performance.
  3. Collection for drainage of water
  4. High efficient motor


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