In the active industrial society today, people intent to choose the most convenient, nutritious and natural healthy food, and vegetable flakes and cereal flakes are just the perfect choice to fulfill people's desire.
Enclose in the sanitary aluminum convenient pack are the adequately blended vegetable, fruit, sugar, no-fat milk, oats, Wheat, corn and rice, enriched with vitamin and mineral makes the most ideal supplementary nutrient for all people. There are also addititive of vegetable and fruits (ie. spinash, tomato, carret, fruit and etc.) to enrich baby cereal and strengthen nutrition requirement for baby and children growth.
Based on the requirement of the food manufacturers, our company can offer the complete line of turn-key project equipments to produce 3-in-1 cereal flakes, cereal powder, vegetable flakes, potato flakes, and cereal for baby.
Through our professional engineers, we can make a most accurate planning to meet your requirement, including implementation feasibility, factory layout, design, production scheduling, equipment installation, commissioning, staff training, quality control and monitoring, factory management computerize, and product prescription.
Once the factory is established, so does a stepping stone to success! For products are ready for production under all those thorough planning, then you can devote fully on marketing development with all-hearted.
Turn-Key Project For: Drum Dryer
  1. Instant Cereal (3 in 1)
  2. Health Food
  3. Baby Cereal
  4. Vegetable/Fruit Flakes
  5. Myotonin Flakes
  6. Taro Powder
  7. α - Starch
  8. Cereal Flour
  • FOOD : Baby Food (Cereal based and milk based) Myotonin powder, Taro powder, potato powder
  • Starch : Maize, Wheat, potato, Rice, Tapioca, Taro. (gelatinized)
  • Animal Feed : Fish Food, Pet Food
  • Chemical Products : Gypsum, Pigments, Detergents
  • Waste Treatment : Printing Ink, Wastewater
Advantage of our turn-key equipment:
  1. Makes factory planning and design according to GMP factory format, thus to equip the factory with GMP standard for future application to be a GMP approved factory.
  2. Easy equipment operation and maintenance, low down maintenance cost, and prolonged machine life.
  3. Capable of manufacturing various kinds of products, and heighten machine utilization rate.
  4. Small plant area required, and low consumption of energy (water, electricity, steam and etc ------
  5. Fast investment ertum.
  6. Equipments computerize control, makes product quality stable, and able to coordinate with factory manageent computerize control.
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