Automatic Encrusting Machine (HB 300)

By shifting forming molds, this machine makes vegetable bun, meat bun, roasted port bun, red bean paste bun, turtle-shape glutinous rice cake, meat pie, crystal dumpling and other encrusted ethnic foods in the world.

1. Gear Box:
Dough extrusion system, filling system, forming mold or conveyor is transmitted independently to avoid vibration noise.

2. Electric equipment:
A full set of electric equipment is including electromagnetic switch, thermal relay inverter, fuseless switch and emergency switch to supply an electric operation control and assure safety.

3. Small and exquisite
Size: 1400(L) X 720(W) X 1720(H) m/m
Net Weight: 500 Kgs

4. Power:
220V/380V, 50/60Hz, Single/3 phase, 1.74 Kw

5. Big Capacity, size of products is adjustable:
2,400 pcs/hr, weight of product: 20 ~ 120g/pc

6. Easy to operate:
Operator needs no experience, production is rapid. The thickness of wrapper, quantity of filling and size of finished product are adjustable.

7. Multiple usage:
various special filling and forming equipment are available to assign for making vegetable, meat, mashed beans buns and meat pie, turtle-shaped qlutionous rice cake, crystal dumpling. Shifting equipment is easy and quick.

8. Product is standard, production is automatic:
Automatic operation results standard products and big production capacity. It is easy to control the cost.

9. Advanced design; Sanitary and outstanding looks:
All parts touch the food are made of stainless steel for assuring cleanness. The inner gears, featuring anti-friction quality and noise-free operation, are made of special alloy steel. The delicate pattern on the buns is better than those made by a professional chef.

10. Easy to clean and reassemble:
Machine parts can be fixed or dismantled instantly for easy cleaning.

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