Automatic Encrusting and Rounding Machine

1. Multiple use, high profit:
Using different kinds of dough and stuffing, This machine can produce many different kinds of filling or without filling round shape products, such as filling bread, bean-paste bun, rice ball, glutinous rice snow ball, taro ball etc.

2. Easy to operate.
Weight of products or the ratio of stuffing and dough are adjustable by selector. Operator needs no experience.

3. Each system is moved by the individual motor. Simple mechanical structure. Durable and easy to maintain.

4. All the material meet the standard of international food sanitation. Easy to clean. Frame of machine and bolts are made of food grade stainless steel. The parts of main body are made of special aluminum alloy and coated by teflon, meet the requirement of food sanitation. Easy to clean.

5. Big capacity, product is standard and uniform.
Capacity: 2,400 ~ 2,700 pcs/hr.
Weight of product: 15~30g/pc.
Product is uniform, cost can be controlled accurately. It is suitable for industrial use.

6. Advanced design. need no tool to disassemble and reassemble.

7. Exquisite:
Size of machine: 1,490(L) X 930(W) X 1,150(H)mm.

8. Parts are made of high quality material.
Durable, low noise, not easy to worn out or break down. Easy to maintain.

9. Power:
220V/380V, 50/60/Hz, Single/3 phase.
Motor: 1HP + ½ HP + 35W.

10. Price is reasonable and turn over is quick.

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