Automatic and Semi-Automatic Shu-Mai making Machine

Automatic Shu-Mai Machine (HSM-480)

Unique design. Put the well-kneaded dough and stuffing into the hoppers and switch on the machine. It will make dough pastry wrapper (pressing, pulling and cutting), fill stuffing, form and send the products to the conveyor automatically.

Semi-Automatic Shu-Mai Machine (HSSM-1000)

Put ready-made shu-mai skin on the forming plate, the stuffing will be deposited on the skin exactly, then forming automatically.


  1. The thickness of pastry wwapper and quantity of stuffing are adjustable.
  2. Uniform products and big capacity: HSM-480: Weight of Shu-Mai: 14~20g/pc. Dia: 3CM. Capacity: 3000 pcs/hr. HSSM-1000: Weight of Shu-Mai: 14~20g/pc. Dia: 3CM. Capacity: 800 pcs/hr.
  3. Multiple cooking methods: Products can be steamed and fried. It is suitable for frozen and microwave food.
  4. Easy to operate and labor-saving: Hand-made Shu-Mai take time and labor. This machine is easy to operate even inexperienced worker can do it.
  5. Nice pattern, sanitory and durable.
  6. Easy to reassemble and clean.
  7. Small and exquisite: HSM-480: Dimension: 1500(L) X 800(W) X 2100(H) m/m. Weight: 700 KGS. HSSM-1000: Dimension: 650(L) X 650(W) X 2200(H) m/m Weight: 250KGS
  8. Power: HSM-480: 220/380V, 50/60 Hz, 3 phases, 2HP. HSSM-1000: 220V, 50/60 Hz, Single phase, 1HP.
  9. Price is reasonable. Investment is easy to turn over.
  10. Semi-Automatic Shu-Mai machine including traditional and wave-tyep forming molds.

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