Automatic dumpling, fried dumpling, egg roll, samosa, empanada, maccheroni, noodle, ravioli, pierogi and curry puff making machine (HLT-700)

It needs not to make dough sheet. Put well-kneaded dough and prepared stuffing into the machine and switch on, the finished products will be formed immediately.





1.Multiple usage:
By changing forming mold, it can make dumpling, fried dumpling, egg roll, samosa, noodle, pierogi, empanada, curry puff and ravioli.
2.Capacity, thickness of wrapper and weight of stuffing are adjustable.
3.Products are standardized:
Dumpling: Weight: 13~18g, Length: 6cm, Height: 3cm
Empanada: Weight: 35~45g, length: 12cm, Height: 6.5cm
Fried dumpling: Weight: 25~30g, Length: 10cm, Height: 3.5cm
Egg roll: Weight: 50~60g, Length: 12cm, Height: 3cm
Samosa: Weight: 15~18g, Length: 7cm, Height: 4.5cm
Noodle: Including round, square and hollow shape mold
Ravioli: Weight: 6~12g, Length: 4.5cm, Width: 4.5cm
Curry Puff: Weight: 25~30g, Length: 10cm, Width 3.5cm
4.Multiple cooking:
Product can be cooked, steamed or fried, and suitable for making frozen and microwave oven food.
5.Easy to operate:
Operator needs no experience. Production is rapid.
6.Stainless steel body, sanitary, nice pattern and durable.
7.Body of machine is waterproof. Easy to disassemble to clean.
8.Small and exquisite:
Size: 1100(L) X 650(W) X 1850(H)m/m, Weight: 400kgs.
9. Big capacity:
Dumpling: 10,000 pcs/hour Samosa: 7,500 pcs/hour
Empanada: 5,000 pcs/hour Egg roll: 3,000 pcs/hour
Fried dumpling: 6,000 pcs/hour Ravioli: 6,000 pcs/hour
Noodle: 300 kgs/hour Curry puff: 6,000 pcs/hour
Motor: 1.5kw + 0.375kw + 0.375kw
Compressor: 0.1875kw
Water pump: 35w
Electricity: 220/380V, 50/60Hz, 3 phases
11.Price is reasonable and turn over is quickly, suitable for industrial use.

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