Semi-Automatic Spring Roll, Egg Roll, Vietnamese Spring Roll & Samosa Production line

Unique design, put the well-mixed batter and stuffing separately into the funnel, then switch on. The spring roll or samosa pastry will be formed cut, stuffing will be filled and glued automatically. Then followed by hand wrapping and rolling.

Another unique design. Put the egg roll sking or well-softened Vietnamese rice paper on transferring plate, the skin will be transferred on the conveyor orderly and the stuffing will be deposited on the skin exactly, then hand wrap.


Multiple usage: Except continuously making spring roll, also can make egg roll, Vietnamese spring roll and samosa. Changing stuffing, it can produce various flavors of spring roll: vegetarian spring roll, beef spring roll and curry spring roll etc.
2.Thickness of spring roll pastry, samosa pastry and weight of stuffing are adjustable
3.Size of products are standard: Thickness of pastry: 0.5~1m/m. Width of pastry: 3"~10". Weight of spring roll: 40~160g/roll. Weight of samosa: 30~60g/pc.
4.Thickness of spring roll or samosa pastry is even and quality is stable: Our special recipe produces even thickness, smooth stable and quality pastry. Adding egg or rice flour to the ingredients will give special flavor.

5. Hand wrap, speed adjustable: Speed of conveyor is adjustable for easy to control the production capacity.
6.Special filling system: Beef, pork, bean sprout, cabbage and carrot are no need to cut into fine pieces, so can keep the favor and crispy after the spring roll is fried. 7.Labor saving, quick return: Traditional hand made process is not only labor and time consuming, but also quality being coarse. Which resulted in lowering production cost and thus automatic process eliminates all traditional defects, guarantees quick return.
8.Easy maintenance, safety guards: Durable built, simple operation, easy maintenance. All moving parts have safety guards around them.
9.Sanitory nice pattern and durable. USDA (U.S.A.) approved
10.Easy to reassemble and clean.

11. Big capacity:

SRPF-20:900-1200 rolls/hr (spring roll), 1800-2400 pcs/hr (samosa)
SRPF-45:2400 rolls/hr (spring roll), 4800 pcs/hr (samosa)

12. Dimension of machine:

SRPF-20:1050(L) x 850(W) x 1650(H) + 800(L) x 600(W) x 1900(H) + 4000(L) x 820(W) x 1000(H)mm
SRPF-45:1800(L) x 1200(W) x 1800(H) + 800(L) x 600(W) x 1900(H) + 5000(L) x 820(W) x 1000(H)mm

13. Power:

SRPF-20:15KW, 220V/380V, 50/60Hz, 3phase.
SRPF-45:30KW, 220V/380V, 50/60Hz, 3phase

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