Horticultural Techniques

11. Vegetables are second only to rice in acreage sown. Taiwan grows more than 90 types of vegetables, the most important of which are bamboo shoots, cabbage, soybeans, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage, watermelon and cantaloupe.
12. Taiwan has every kind of fruit from tropical to temperate available year round. Bananas have been especially important as an export item, and there have been many improvements in production and marketing of bananas in recent years.

13. In terms of cultivated area, citrus fruits are most important. Improvements in cultivation techniques have led to higher quality significantly. These are popular at home and also an important export commodity.

14. Use of horticultural techniques has permitted growing of fruit year round, balancing market demand and increasing production and quality. Take grapes for example. With fertilizer, overall management and chemical pesticides, grapes can now be harvested three times a year, with very high yields.

15. Grafting of temperate zone pears from the mountains with Hengshan pears from the plains makes it possible to harvest temperate zone pears much earlier, greatly raising farm incomes.

16. Wax apples used to be available only in summer, and quality was often poor due to warm temperatures and heavy rainfall. With growth stimulants and other treatments, it is now possible to harvest them at the end of each year and again at the beginning of the next year and they are firmer and sweeter as well, raising their value.

17. Chrysanthemums are a major export flower. By using electric lighting at night, the time at which they blossom can be controlled, quality can be improved. This makes exporting much easier.

18. Plant protection can reduce crop average by up to 25 %. Attention is now being devoted to more careful use of pesticides and also biologically based non-chemical protection methods, such as biological control.

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